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The faction known as Badlion has been a presence since on HCF since Map 1. They continue to exist proudly to this day. 


Map 1Edit

Part way through Map 1, a post was made on the /r/minecraft subreddit. It detailed plans for a new faction to be made on HCF, which had recently made lots of publicity from the Greysoul Post. Dozens of people signed up, and on the specified date and time, they joined the server and headed out to make a house, forming the faction ENW. Many of these newbs died along the way, between starvation and mobs. Within 24 hours, a small area was claimed. They built a small cobble hut, and after a few days they were raided. After multiple failed bases, some of the faction left the server, and some of the less Newb-ish players left to make a new faction, called Badlion.

Map 2Edit

After losing their first base of the map within days, Badlion traveled to a far east coast, where they built a massive pillar of a base. They formed an alliance with some other factions on the east side of the map, including Rabids, Aiur, and others. Not much else took place that map, as Badlion would never lose a base again.

Map 3Edit

It was this map that Badlion became a real force on the server. The set up a large 4 chunk tower, with their ally Rabids nearby. Though the base was partially invaded once or twice, it was never lost. A few days into the map, 2 of the end portals had been found, but not the third one. Badlion went on an expedition to find it, and eventually came across the portal. However, it was on the edge of the warzone, just inside the boundary. Luckly, the admin Amoliski (A former Badlion member) turned the chunk to wilderness, allowing them to claim it and gain a safe passage to spawn and enderpearls. Badlion and rabids would end up winning the End of The World Fight, in what will go down as one of the greatest battles in server history. A post to /r/minecraft detailing our base was hugely succesful, bringing a huge boost to population in map 4. 

Map 4 Edit

Arguably their greatest map, Badlion excelled in all areas during these weeks. Before the start, Badlion had made an alliance with Freehat, another large faction. They, along with Rabids, formed the Freelion Alliance. They had also built a monument for spawn, one of their rewards for winning EoTW in map 3. Within the first night of the map, the alliance had found the first Endportal, and defeated 4 ender dragons. They set up their three bases around the stronghold, with badlion claiming the portal. That map a member of Badlion named Qazzy1122 designed a gigantic base, claiming 16 chunks. The base rose to the skylimit of 256, and is considered by some to be one of the greatest builds the server has ever had. For EoTW, two large alliance formed, and the alliance freelion was part of lost.

Map 5Edit

Badlion deminished during this map , and was all but gone by half way through the map. Rabids allied with Legendary and went on to win EOTW.

Map 6Edit

Rabids joined with others to form the faction Legendary who allied with Strawhats and they together would go on to win the map once again.

Map 7Edit

The map of the draft, when many factions were preset in a draft. Many members of badlion were drafted into Cryptic, while some members who did not join the draft formed Excella, who allied with Cryptic. Cryptic and Excella would go on to win the map.

Map 8Edit

Throughout Map 8, BadLion focused on building their base, and attending to multiple KotHs.  Not much happened in Map 8 for BadLion except for Palace and EotW.

During EotW, BadLion's most impressive victory, they charged into the cap-zone (Palace) feeling confident standing by their allies, Absolution and TowerTech.  As New_world and Baddies charged through Palace, Absolution jumped down, killing multiple BadLion members.  BadLion retreats as fast as they could, losing members on the way.

SkiingxMoose, and ex-Baddies, left and destroyed the bunker.  BadLion, battered and low on numbers and gear, scavenge what they can from remains of the vandalized bunker.  Meanwhile, Absolution immediately turns on New_world and Baddies for the cap-zone, since their only goal was to rid of BadLion.  As the fight rages on, BadLion fights their way through countless, weakened enemies with just 25 players.  They force their enemies to fall back to spawn.

After the constant battles and retreats, only one faction manages to stand strong, BadLion.

Estimated numbers

BadLion : 28

New_world : 30 to 35

Baddies : 30 to 35

Absolution : 20 to 30

Players remaining after the fight

BadLion : 18

New_world : 0

Baddies : 1

Absolution : 0

Current MembersEdit

Y_ankees, Qazzy1122, GenerationV3, UnPhair, ZeroStar, Eum3, MattyHawk, Dragonbeamz3, KreepozZ,  Tennisruler11, Flint_Lock, Kyd_Chroniik, MrArchy, WeeHeeHee, Snakehunter23, Findub, MK325, Daeshik, IAMHOBBIT, Rhinotoad, ginie1

Eum3, Dragonbeamz3, and Qazzy1122 are the only remaining members from Map 1.

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