Friendly Flower Factions has a system in place designed to discourage people from disconnecting to avoid a potentially dangerous situation, such as while fighting other players.  If a player disconnects in one of these situations, the server will create an object known as a 'combat logger' in the player's last known position.  This combat logger can be killed, eliminating any advantage the disconnecting player would have had.  The combat logger object will remain in-world for <amount of time>, or until the player logs back in - whichever comes first.

When a Combat Logger is GeneratedEdit

The server may generate a combat logger in the place of a disconnecting player if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Doge
  • Lagro
  • supermariazelda
  • omygod

How to Kill a Combat LoggerEdit

If you are fighting someone that disconnects, and want to finish the kill, you will need to attack the combat logger by hitting the pigman that spawns in their armour with their nametag. Killing the combat logger will credit you with the kill and drop all items that the player had in their inventory.