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The faction's base just a few days before it was invaded.

Dolphins was a short lived and small faction, having only three members. While they did not survive long, their will and spirit is great, and is still with us to this day.


  • ToastAustin
  • Compensator
  • TheCraftOMine


Dolphins was allies with the Buttraider faction, as they know the members of Buttraider as personal friends.


The only enemies of the Dolphins faction was the Tempest faction. When Dolphins first started out on the server, the Tempest faction began to linger outside of Dolphin's one chunk wide base, and continued to do so. They even made several attempts to spawn a Nether portal within the chunk, which they succeeded in doing. Dolphins never provoked the Tempest members to anger them, so why they were so consitent in attempting to kill the Dophins faction is unknown. Dolphins had no valueables that a faction as vast as Tempest would have wanted, so that it has been concluded that loot was not the reason.

Death of the factionEdit

ToastAustin, the original founder of the faction, had to leave for over a weeks time out of state. This caused the power of the faction to significantlly drop, eventually to where the Tempest faction was able to over-throw their base.

Some say the faint sound of a crying dolphin could be heard all around the server on the day of the factions death.

While most assume the Dolphins faction is gone for good due to their defeat, some of the Prophets of Delfines Rey predict a second coming of the faction and its glory.