2012-04-17 00.25.24

Rei's Minimap

A very nice map that sits in your HUD. You can also set way points.

2012-04-20 19.09.24


Customization mod to improve frame rate and other video settings.


Magic Launcher A Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing or patching the minecraft.jar.


Status Effect HUD

StatusEffectHUD displays your currently active potions/effects without having to open your inventory! Easy as pie!



Imagine a minecraft world where everyone is free to change their skin on their own. What? You say that's already possible? NOPE... its not. There's still one thing you can't really change (or even add): your cape!

2012-04-08 16.08.08

Mine Video

MineVideo is a mod that enables you to record ingame footage with the touch of one button. It's as easy as taking a screenshot and the resulting video files are small enough to quickly upload them to YouTube.

2012-02-03 03.12.17-1-

Toggle Sneak & Improved Chat

Toggle sneak allows you to stay in sneak mode without having to hold a button down continuously. Improved chat brings a longer scroll back, special characters, the ability to turn chat off/on, copy/paste plus click on links.



Allows the world to be veiwed in full brightness, even when night time or underground. Looks like a constant night vision potion. Deemed legal by the admins as the gamma can also be editted without any mods, using the configuration.

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